Wedding Invitations That Fit Your Style

There are lots of great options for wedding invitations, ranging from traditional to informal to unique. With so many wonderful possibilities, it can be hard to narrow it down to just one invitation! Learn how to select the wedding invitations which best fit the style of your wedding.

1. If your wedding is…

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traditional: Select very classic wedding invitations on heavy white or ecru cotton paper. Black engraving is the most traditional, although some people feel that charcoal gray looks less harsh on pure white paper. Elegant details such as triple panel stationery or a gold border are lovely and timeless. Invitations with rounded corners can also be beautiful and just a little different. Have your traditional wedding invitations addressed by a calligrapher in an ornate script font.

2. If your wedding is…a

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theme wedding: Definitely introduce your wedding theme with the invitations. If you are using a snowflake motif for everything from your wedding cake to the bridesmaid jewelry gifts, a snowflake patterned invitation is a must. Or go even farther in expressing your theme with very unique wedding stationery, such as an invitation on parchment rolled in a bottle for a modern pirate theme wedding. Even if your wedding theme is just a special color palette, you should absolutely plan to carry it into your invitations.

3. If your wedding is…a

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beach wedding: Choose less formal invitations with a tropical flair. A large hibiscus blossom done in letterpress on one side of the stationery would be a fabulous invitation for a tropical destination wedding. Or opt for a simple motif, such as an embossed starfish on the top of the invitations. This would be especially fun if you plan to use a special beach motif for your centerpieces, bridesmaid jewelry gifts, favors, and so on. If you prefer a more understated nod to the beach setting, invitations on a beautiful sea glass colored paper would be lovely.

4. If your wedding is…modern:

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There are so many creative options for contemporary wedding invitations. A fantastic look is a square invitation printed with a bold sans-serif font in striking colors. Think brown lettering on chartreuse or mango on fuchsia, for instance. Modern invitations are often laid out in a non-traditional format, with a variety of font sizes being used to create something very offbeat. Or go beyond paper and do something truly unique, such as printing the invitation wording on pieces of plexiglass.

5. If your wedding is…outdoors:

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A floral design is a beautiful way to set the tone for an outdoor wedding. Especially pretty is stationery with a letterpress floral design flowing down one side of the paper. Another lovely option is an invitation with a soft floral design topped with a piece of vellum featuring the wording. Tie the layered invitation together with a satin bow for a feminine touch.

Remember that there are many little extras that you can add to your favorite invitations to personalize them. Brides may choose from ribbon bands around the invitations, colored envelope liners, special adornments tied to the stationery such as tiny charms, or almost anything else you can imagine. Your carefully selected wedding invitations are the perfect way to welcome guests to join you for your special day.


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